Deserted Beauty


This summer is the summer of forever. The vastness of this world challenges my perception of infinity. Beds of hay now pass me as brown yellow blurs. The clear blue sky stays still despite the rocking of the bus. Parallax reminds me of how still faraway—inaccessible—ideas seem, but how ephemeral they are once we peer closely. Goodbye, road sign. Goodbye forever.

This desert is arid and nasty. It consumes the water whose value perpetuates conflict and strain. It has been manipulated to fit the needs of civilization.But I think it is quite beautiful, for it affects me only in the most divine ways. I love the fruitless plains and mountains. The colors spelling “drought” inspire me to paint new landscapes with new palettes. Though this space is sticky and uncomfortable, it is a space whose strangeness I’ll cherish forever. 

Cheryl Skylar Cheung