Haidyn: a Political Platform and House Pet Hybrid

In being around Haidyn, I feel as if I am granted permission to be silly, to be careless—to be young again. In her company, I am afforded the freedom of letting my thoughts (however silly or mundane) flow through my lips. I enjoy hearing my voice in the company of a dog who does not understand my language and thus bears no judgment. I speak to Haidyn for reasons I will never know.

My mum and I have devised a system of filter-less communication. A way to speak to one another without shame or timidity. This system is most often employed to voice our desires and dislikes. For instance, I may say, “Haidyn wants to turn the heat off” if the air is becoming too stifling. I know my mum is reluctant to turn down the thermostat for she is afraid of freezing our thin-coated pup. However, it seems that if I am (facetiously) saying that Haidyn wants the heat off, my mum maybe more receptive to my suggestion.

An added bonus is that the dog doesn’t comprehend nor does she speak. Thus, she has no way of objecting. “Hey I don’t appreciate prevarication—especially with my name slapped on,” would be a line I imagine a super-Haidyn would say in a parallel universe.

In this universe, Haidyn does not crinkle her nose or turn away in protest when I open my mouth to sing. I sing about all sorts of things, but my favorite tune is any tune (pop hits, usually) with all its lyrics replaced by strings of the word ‘Haidyn’—and nothing more. Josh’s “handling” of my dog last summer has inspired me to sing more songs from the Lion King as well. However, I confess I haven’t watched the movie, so I usually repeat “Hakuna Matata” until I become annoyed at my own voice.

Haidyn brings out the best (by my standards) in me. The worst songs are expressions of my greatest joys! For her (and for me), my heart sings!

Cheryl Skylar Cheung