Still St. Louian air undid you

Threads drawn from the spool of my imagination

Unraveled at the bristling stroke of warm winter

Whispered in from the door-gap’s proud proclamation

Its lips hang ajar, letting in light to gather

Your lines curves colors clothes back together

They trace a figment of my imagination

Realized only at cool darkness tied by time’s tether

Light pours into the crashing waves of your hair

Like mercury it spills over the crescent hull of your cheek

Shiny wonder seeps into crooks of smooth skin

Mix danger with red life to pull strong from the weak

You roll over belly up like your dog who

Doesn’t like me one bit she growls at the touch

You tell me you ceaselessly, passionately, long for

But your lips apart from your heart tell only so much

Arm draws an arc to move air to summon me

Waist wraps around yours like butchers twine

Twisting and tying together the body

Holding air of your life into mine

–Clarity, Held