Copper canyon splits the night apart into two

Ragged edge running as far as the mind believes

It can run

Carrying  with it shrewds of moments and slivers of conversations shared

Ridge of jagged rock stretching to carve the coral reef

Peer into the refracted blue jewelry case

Watch the eyes of the lover varnished with wonder

Taking the view of the deep blue under yestermorning light

Hyperaware of the pearls that lay under

Dark night for now it sparkles for it all

Glittering and grand to play the show you were promised

Reach  into tomorrow if the limb and the mind ache for pain

Feel breath in the moment and forget to be honest

This fantasy be a fantasy for as long as you imagine

Yet this life an unforgiving life that skips not a beat

Watch moonlight carve the heart onto body

Let day’s amber dance upon them, well rest and replete

—Joshua, go back to sleep