Wish upon me a dreamless sleep in good night

Under his blanket of warmth I find safety in darkness

Break upon me dawn to turn my love into sight

Tear for him my soul and render me heartless

Trace the side of my face and remember its texture

Against the lips that spin for me syllables into confessions

Epilogues to fantasies—feel once—slip loose—refusing my capture

Breathe for me new vows so old words turn not to concession

Bless me the fantasies explored last death of the day

When your body lay still to make room for mind’s travel

Past moments relived by chance fold into parlay

Dread not the loss that ensues with new light’s arrival

Lift my chin from the bed of my hair onto the chair of your knees

Bless time for its loan of your dreams into the conscious state of being

This day light to be treasured but instead burnt with unease

Wish upon him a sound sleep where I play the love he is seeing

–Sleep Loose