¡A terrible case of misfortune I am!

That’s why it is so difficult knowing me

Angst agony adversity: I am the whole package

Yet you broke the tape so I unravelled for you to see

-Frail fingers meet the side of my cheek-

To cover and feel the rorschach stains of salt

Left by the man who broke free from blood bond

If you leave me now I will not hold you fault

-Move through my hair worn thin by lost secrets-

Trace trails ‘cross my skull to mark your name on this land

This head a head as full of dreams as it is full of lost memories

Volatile are the girls left behind by fathers who ran

-Straighten my neck bent by years of wear-

Cradle my head resting your palms on the nape of my neck

I’m afraid darling that the shell of me all I can offer you

Do away with my contents have you self respect

-Pull me together with your all-

Imbue upon me an augmented reality so rosy

Breathe life into my suffering and turn scar into strength

Blind me from fate and bring me free fantasy

–Sorry I’m So Difficult