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About Skylar

After inheriting her mother’s unwanted point and shoot at the age of six, Skylar and photography have been inseparable ever since. Her mother grew up in a flat that doubled as a photo development lab. Their mutual love for photography continues their journey through romantic annals of 35mm film. Today, Skylar works as a conference photographer while completing her Bachelor’s at the University of Toronto. She also writes freelance articles and copy for for non-profit organizations. In her spare time, Skylar enjoys giving her dog, Haidyn, unsolicited haircuts. She makes oil paintings while waiting for the hair to grow back. Sometimes her paintings wind up in exhibitions and loving homes.


Drafts and other little things

Work in Progress

All the work I do not for work, but only for pleasure. My joy without the veneer of feigned perfection. I will add a section of gallery pieces once I finish my current collection. Check back in an undefined period of time—no guarantees, though.


reproduction of a lawren harris piece


another harris reproduction


reproduction of an a.y. jackson piece


moments preserved

Photography Portfolio

Cream of my crop! To be posted at a later time!


35mm film

Yashica Microfinesse AF

Lomography Fisheye No. 2

Elusive and ephemeral, thoughtless clicks—thoughtful murmurs. Moments deserving of breaking the bank.


luella massey theatre

The not-very-dark underbelly (underground) of a UofT theatre. A space in which I spent too much time waiting to be called. A space where dried paint cans spent too much time forgotten.


oappa conference

The dress and speak are business, but the gestures and arrangements prove this annual event is also a jovial get-together. Light is better in some places than others, but the faces are consistently great.

some other things i have seen

Canon 80D

Sparkly moments of life that deserve to be preserved with a static visual representation.



2019 Summer photo journal

Summer of Forever

Afforded with a tremendously long five-month break, I embarked on a series of unexpected journeys. Some in pursuit for capital gain, and others at the cost of that gain. This journal represents the latter half—the more hedonistic (and consequently costly) half—reduced to words decorating photographs. Click here to see it.

This website is dedicated to Joshua Kazdan: my backbone and my muse. And to you: a million thanks for lending your time and attention to visit me.
— Skylar Cheung